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Dr. Thomas Schroeder, D.C.

Dr. Madeline Schroeder, D.C.

Dr. Rebecca Schroeder, D.C.

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Why Us?

5 Factors That Make Schroeder Family

Chiropractic Unique

4 generations of chiropractic experience and knowledge

In 1921, the first of the Schroeder-Molthen chiropractors started a legacy- what is now 67 chiropractors in the family! (And counting!)

With a family so well-versed in chiropractic healthcare, it is to your advantage. You will be able to feel the deep-rooted passion for true health. Moreover, you will experience the difference in your body! 4 generations of support and counsel sets the doctors at Schroeder Family Chiropractic apart from the rest.

Aside from attending chiropractic seminars and conferences, the Schroeders have a unique ability to continually master their chiropractic skills through collaborating with one another. At each gathering, they cannot help but discuss the latest endeavors and discoveries within chiropractic!

Friendly and courteous staff

We are all family here at Schroeder Family Chiropractic. Literally!

Dr. Tom and Dr. Madeline are siblings. Dr. Becca is daughter of Dr. Tom. Katie, our receptionist is another daughter of Dr. Tom. And Debbie, our finance administrator, is wife of Dr. Tom. (Confused yet?) We enjoy working with a family we love so much!

As a patient, you will quickly become a part of our family! You will immediately realize that we are not your avarage stuffy doctor's office. We provide a professional yet comfortable atmosphere for you to heal to your best.

Convenient location

Our office is located right off of HWY 41, conveniently across from the Fresno Veterans Hospital.

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Secondary evaluations/opinions

The doctors at Schroeder Family Chiropractic have the advantage of overlooking each other's patients, thus providing second and third opinions. We also have a close net of fellow chiropractors and an array of other trusted healthcare professionals. We offer M.D. and attorney refferals as needed.

Schroeder Family Chiropractic is your Fresno Chiropractor
Dr. Thomas Schroeder

Dr. Madeline Schroeder

Dr. Rebecca Schroeder

2535 North Fresno Street Fresno Ca 93703