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Dr. Madeline Schroeder, D.C.

Dr. Madeline Schroeder, D.C.

DOB: February 24, 1962, Fresno, CA

Education: Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1985

Family Information:

I am a 3rd generation in a 4 generation family of chiropractors. There are currently 70 chiropractors in my family, with three more in school currently. Both grandfathers and one grandmother, mom and dad, and all six of us kids are chiropractors. I have a son and a daughter both in college who will start chiropractic college in the next few years.

As a student, I worked hard to graduate as a chiropractor by the age of 23. Schooling was 8hrs/day and then required 4 plus hours of studying a night. I lived through three winters of -90 degrees below zero (wind chill factor). I have been in practice for over 27 years and have extensive experience from practicing with my mother who was a chiropractor for 44 years, and my brother who has been a chiropractor for 30+ years. I have a strong desire to help people's health in a naturopathic way. I am a driver, strong. I would describe myself as sincere, caring, thoughtful, moral, religious, fun, outgoing, and care about others' posture and health.

Chiropractic was founded in 1895. People will always need natural health care that corrects the joints/spinal problems without the need for pain pills, which just cover the pain letting the joint problems deteriorate so that eventually surgery is required.


Triathlons (swimming, cycling, running), snow skiing, all water sports: water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing; hiking, camping, pets, beach, traveling, chiropractic research

My inspiration:

The amazing healing results that people achieve through chiropractic care! This is an amazement every day!

My purpose in the Chiropractic Profession:

To be dedicated to my patients' health, to be a healer, to improve people's lives through improving their health. To help people stop taking medications, surgeries on joints, and stop letting their spines deteriorate. Instead, aligning their spines and freeing their nerves from impingement, thereby restoring natural body functions and health!